Industrial companies are taking sustainability to the core of their company strategies. They are setting ambitious targets to minimize the environmental footprint of their products.

Ambitious goals that require a holistic approach as a products environmental footprint is determined by every step in its lifecycle starting from the extraction of the raw materials it is comprised of, through manufacturing, distribution, use and decommissioning. 

Translating these targets into operational action is a complex task all companies face. But they are not alone. In a connected and interrelated global value chain of today companies act in an ecosystem of customers, partners, and suppliers. All need to collaborate to win our joint race to net-zero.

But how can we empower everyone in our ecosystem to make decisions with confidence to realize our sustainability goals?

In this session we¬īll share how the approach of Systems Engineering breaks down the complexity of interrelated and competing optimization criteria and show how transparency on the environmental footprint of the supply chain can be achieved with shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration between manufacturer and suppliers empowered by the Digital Enterprise.

With the collective intelligence of our ecosystem connected and empowered by the Digital Enterprise, together we will win the race to net-zero.

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